Have you heard? It's GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SEASON! The annual 12-month wait is finally over and you can indulge in your favorite cookies once more. The Coastal Estate Team couldn't be more excited; there is nothing like cracking open a brand new, fresh box of Girl Scout cookies. We can say no to a lot of things... Girl Scout cookies are not one of them. With so many new flavors and combinations, we just had to share our favorites!

Carolyn: There is nothing better than the taste of coconut and chocolate together... Caramel deLites are the best!

Kellie: My favorites are the Lemonades, and bonus, they're vegan!

Jen: I love the Thanks-A-Lots!! The crispy shortbread with a thin layer of fudge on the bottom is truly the best combination!!!

Sage: I am pretty basic when it comes to Girl Scout Cookies... Thin Mints all the way for me!

Are your favorites the same as ours? Tell us yours!