Here at the Coastal Estate Team, we love to talk about food... our favorite recipes, restaurants, healthy snacks... you get the point. We also love hearing about others' favorite foods, so we figured you might want to know about ours. Bon Appetit!

Carolyn: ​I love Italian food - all of it ! So it is difficult to pick just one dish that is my favorite! I would say any homemade pasta with fresh shrimp and amazing sauce. ​

Bridget: My favorite food is sushi - any day, any time. My favorite sushi place is Siam Orchid. ​

Taylor: Pizza!!! Never fails :-) ​

Kellie: I'll try just about any vegan food- but I really love food with a Mexican influence. Nachos, tacos, guacamole, salsa... EatQual is my favorite place and I really wish they would open a restaurant so I didn’t have to stalk their food truck all over Brevard! ​

Jen: Greek Salad!

Sage: Ice cream. I don't eat it often, but if calories didn't count... breakfast, lunch and dinner! I actually worked in an ice cream parlor for 7 years, it was my first job!