Speaking of Pumpkin Spice everything, we wanted to share our personal favorite seasonal food and drinks.

Some of us are on Team Pumpkin Spice, and some of us are definitely not! The Coastal Estate Team is excited for Fall!

Carolyn: Seasonal apple ciders, especially hard apple ciders, are the perfect fall beverage! ​

Bridget: Pumpkin ravioli with burnt butter sauce with whole cranberries. My all time favorite!!!! ​

Taylor: Cream cheese pumpkin pie truffles! YUM! ​

Kellie: Honeycrisp apples! They’re my favorite type of apple, and the organic ones are stocked and in season this time of year. ​

Jen: Apple Pie Sangria!!

Sage: I get so excited when the pumpkin beers start appearing on the shelves at Publix and on tap at our local breweries!