College Gazette just put Melbourne's Florida Tech in the top spot on its list of "10 Engineering Schools Just As Good As the Ivies". Ideally located on the Space Coast, Florida Tech is an impressive school with a major focus on science, technology, and engineering. Many of Florida Tech's classes are taught by former engineers and astronauts. Not only is NASA close by, so are many of the biggest engineering companies in the industry, offering fantastic internship possibilities and post-graduation employment opportunities. It makes perfect sense to us that Florida Tech was listed in the Number One spot... a great education and plenty of employment options, plus year-round sunshine and just steps away from the beach!

Additionally, Florida Tech just announced plans to build a new 61,000-square-foot, $18 million Health Sciences Research Center, scheduled to break ground in Spring 2020. This new facility will help fill the growing demand for jobs in the biomedical and premedical science fields, and will double the size of Florida Tech’s undergraduate biomedical engineering program to 300 full-time, on-campus students, and increase the size of the undergraduate premedical program from 150 to 250 students.

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