May Home Maintenance Tip

Sewer Line Maintenance Can Prevent Drain Repairs

One area of the home that is often overlooked is drain and sewer lines. Understandable, but preventative maintenance can help avoid many types of sewer line blockages which can lead to costly repairs. Here are some common problems with sewer and drain lines, along with ways you can help prevent them:

Tree Roots

Tree roots can find a crack or hole in a pipeline, then quickly grow and cause serious damage. To prevent this, first remove trees planted near the sewer line, then use copper sulfate crystals to create a poisonous zone around the pipe. Although tree roots can travel very far underground, they cannot penetrate the chemicals. Remember however, until the crack or hole is repaired, tree roots will be a continuous problem.

Grease Blockages

​Grease, oil, and fatty substances can accumulate inside the sewer line and cause blockage. To prevent this, simply avoid pouring fatty or oily substances into your sink. You can also install a grease receptor under the sink, which allows water though, but traps the other substances. Additionally, you can keep the drain clean by pouring a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, followed by extremely hot water. Along with avoiding grease, large pieces of meat or large clumps of potato skins can easily block the sewer line as well.

Mud, Leaves, and Debris

Not only do sewer lines take debris from the kitchen sink, they also take all the dirt and debris from the yard drain areas. The mud and debris can cause blockages which will sometimes flood the affected area. To prevent large debris from entering the yard drain, use grates, with a fine drain screen on top of the grate. Periodically clean the catch basin to reduce the chance of mud accumulation in the sewer line.

Other Physical Objects

Sewer lines are not designed for objects larger than toilet paper, but even toilet paper can cause a problem if it is in a large clump. Some baby wipes and diapers are marked as flushable, but history has proven that not to be completely true. To prevent blockages, avoid throwing paper towels, facial tissues, q-tips, toys, or other hard objects into the toilet. If those things to happen to get into your sewer line, hydro-jetting (done by a professional) will help to flush them down.

Slow Drainage

If you notice slow drainage, it can be a sign of a problem like a collapsed sewer line. Have it checked right away while it is still mild and easily repairable. Posted in Home Sellers