Summer Gutter Cleaning

In Florida, summertime brings strong rainstorms, sometimes daily. This means that we must take a few steps to protect our homes and landscaping from the damaging effects of the daily heavy downpours. Did you know that a clogged or damaged gutter can cause major destruction to your home's foundation, yard, or patio? Luckily, a quick cleaning of your gutters can help prevent problems. Here are 5 simple steps to make gutter cleaning a breeze:​

Be Prepared

Dress comfortably (you WILL get dirty); consider long sleeves and gloves to keep the gutter gunk off your hands and arms. If possible, plan to clean in the early morning or later in the evening to avoid the heat and humidity of the day.

Position Your Ladder ​

You may want to use a standoff stabilizer with your ladder to give it a safe place to rest without damaging your gutter or roof. The stabilizer will help you avoid leaning your body over a messy gutter. Once your ladder is in position, find a safe and comfortable position on it.

Debris Plan

Place a tarp or towel on the ground to catch any debris you may find. Put the tarp or towel close by so you can toss the gunk right onto it.

Scoop It Out

Use a gutter scoop or small handheld shovel to begin scooping out your gutter. You will find tree leaves, dirt, and other debris, especially where the downspout (vertical leg of the gutter) joins with the gutter system itself. Pay special attention to this area and to the very end of the downspout, where water should be draining.

Flush It Out

Once you've removed the debris and cleared out clogs, use your hose to flush out the gutter and ensure water is flowing through as it should be. This will show you if you've missed a spot while cleaning - it will also show you any leaks or structural problems. ​

To keep your gutters functioning properly, you will need to clean them semi-regularly - at least once a year, but more often if there are trees near your roof or after a big storm.