They call it the "Dog Days of Summer", so what better time to talk about our pets!

The Coastal Estate Team are animal lovers, so this month, we're going to tell you about the furry friends we share our homes with.

Carolyn: We have the most adorable Havanese, Pepper. She has not figured out she is a small dog and has appointed herself protector of the family! She is a big ball of fluff and brings lots of joy. ​

Bridget: We have always had labs and now are down to one beauty Lulu who's 13 years old and still ticking. She still loves the water and if her legs worked better would be out chasing the dolphins and manatees every weekend. ​

Taylor: What is better than 1 golden retriever? TWO! Kiki and Quinn are sisters (same parents different litters). They fill our home with so much happiness and hair - but it is all worth it (thank goodness for the invention of a Roomba)! They truly have the best personalities and are such water dogs so they fit perfectly into our family.... there is nothing they love more than hopping on the boat and going for a swim in the river to chase and play with dolphins and manatees and pelicans! ​

Kellie: We have 4 furry children. Clyde is our boxer that we rescued through Coastal Boxer Rescue. Chloe is a true mutt- a mix of 7 different dog breeds. We adopted her from Halo in Sebastian when she was a puppy. Louis is our one year old French Bulldog- he runs the show around here. He is the definition of high maintenance! Bella is our 12 year old calico kitty, adopted from a farm in Southern Maryland. ​

Jen: Willow is our sassy 5 year old English Bulldog and Bruce is our 1 year old French Bulldog who keeps us on our toes!!

Sage: Last year we adopted the sweetest dog, a 2 year old, 100+ pound Weimaraner from Puerto Rico. When we got him, he only spoke Spanish, but now Dusky is bilingual and has settled into our family so well! He loves basking in the sun in the backyard and keeping watch over all the action in the canal behind our house.


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