Dec. 23, 2019

Market Snapshot Brevard County November 2019

Market Snapshot Brevard County November 2019

Report for Single Family Homes

  • The median sales price for single family homes is up 6.5% compared to November 2018
  • Closed sales are up 17.9% for November 2019 compared to November 2018
  • New pending sales are up 22.8% and new listings are up 1.2% Months supply of inventory is down -20.0% to 2.8 months, a decrease from 3.5 months in November 2018

Report for Townhouses / Condos

  • The median sales price for townhouses/condos is up 18% compared to a year ago
  • Closed sales are up 9.4% for November 2019 compared to November 2018
  • New pending sales are up 32.6% and new listings are up 0.7%
  • Months supply of inventory is down to 3.4 months in November 2019 from 3.8 months in November 2018

Contact the Coastal Estate Team if you have any questions about the current market value of your home!

Dec. 13, 2019

Coastal Estate Team's WELLNESS IN ONE! - December 2019

t's the holiday season and let's face it, we're all just really busy. Sometimes it's hard to stick to your regular fitness routine during these last few frantic days of shopping, house cleaning, cooking, wrapping, and all of the other fun that comes with the holidays. Instead of stressing about missing your regularly scheduled workouts, find a few minutes in your day to try this festive "12 Days of Christmas" workout. If it is too much to do in a ladder sequence (like the song), just go through all the exercises one time. Let's see how much we can improve by January 1st!

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Dec. 6, 2019

Fun Facts around Brevard Dec 2019

  • Makoto's Japanese Steakhouse is moving into the old Squid Lips building on Eau Gallie across from Sarno Road. Don't worry, the old location will remain open until the new restaurant is ready to open.
  • Orlando Melbourne International Airport (Melbourne Airport) begins daily service between Philadelphia (PHL) and Melbourne (MLB) beginning December 19. No layover in Atlanta or Charlotte required! 
  • Airbnb named Cape Canaveral as one of its "20 for 2020: 20 Destinations to Visit Next Year". This Brevard County beachtown was one of just three U.S. cities on the list! 
  • It was recently announced that Melbourne-based L3Harris Technologies landed a $50M Marine Corps contract. This is a follow-on delivery order for its Falcon III radios and related equipment from the U.S. Marine Corps as part of its High Frequency Radio II modernization program.
  • The Fat Snook in Cocoa Beach and TrendKitchen in Indian Harbour Beach both earned coveted Golden Spoon awards, placing them among the top 100 restaurants in Florida. Additionally, 28 North Gastropub at the Avenue Viera was recognized as one of the state's best new restaurants. 
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Dec. 1, 2019

Home Maintenance Tip - Disposing of Lithium Ion Batteries

Disposing of Lithium Ion Batteries

'Tis the season of finding new cell phones, iPads, laptops, tablets, and digital cameras under the Christmas tree. But the big question is, how do you dispose of your old electronics?

​ What Should You Do With Your Old Electronic Devices?

Although some single-use, non-rechargeable, household batteries can be thrown away with your trash, no batteries should ever be tossed in with your single-stream recycling. All types of batteries, lithium or not, pose hazards and risk of fire, but the biggest risk lies with rechargeable batteries.

​ Many rechargeable batteries fall under a specific category of battery known as Lithium Ion, which is the type of battery in your cell phone, laptop, iPad, and other portable electronics. Lithium ion batteries should never be put into a recycling bin, as eventually they end up bouncing around in the back of a recycling truck where the pressure or heat can cause them to spark and catch the surrounding materials on fire. In fact, lithium batteries are one of the leading causes of recycling truck fires. Also, remember that the toxins from the batteries should never go in a landfill.

​ So, now that we know that we shouldn't just throw our old electronics and their batteries into the recycling bin or regular trash, what should we do with them?

  1. The first thing you should do is back up necessary data, then protect your privacy by either performing a factory reset, removing the hard drive or wiping it clean, erasing the memory, removing the SIM card, or whatever is the appropriate action to clear your device of any personal information.
  2. Next, take it to a location to be recycled. This is more convenient than it sounds. Stores such as Target, Home Depot, Staples, Best Buy, Lowes, Whole Foods, and more have free drop off spots to take dead batteries and/or devices off your hands. Check out or where you can choose what type of item you want to recycle and it will give you a list of recycling locations in your area.
  3. Another option is to donate the old equipment to an organization that will refurbish it and redistribute it where it's needed.
  4. Finally, you could list and sell your old electronics on Craiglist or a similar site and make a few bucks.

​ Bottom line, don't put your old electronics in your trash or recycling bin; dispose of them properly for the health of the earth!

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Nov. 27, 2019

6 Tips To "Winterize" Your Home

We've entered the season of crisp, cool mornings and chilly evenings. Luckily, we don't experience the full winter blast as many other areas of the country do, but there are still some steps we should take to "winterize" our homes for the cooler weather.

Prepare Your Backyard Pool

Thankfully, we don't have to "close" our pools for the winter season, but there are some important steps to take to keep your pool healthy during the offseason. Be sure to vacuum the bottom, empty filters, and remove surface debris. Take adequate precautions against algae, which can still bloom during winter months.

Inspect and Insulate Doors and Windows

Did you know that as much as 7 to 12 percent of a home's heating loss occurs around windows and doors? Before winter officially arrives, inspect your home's openings to ensure they are properly sealed, and replace worn weather stripping to prevent warm air from escaping.

Clear Dead Leaves and Brush

With the recent rain and wind we've been experiencing, chances are, your yard and gutters are due for a cleaning. Dedicate a Saturday afternoon to clear dead leaves or brush that have accumulated around your yard, in the gutters, and on your roof.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

Save up to 15 percent on your annual heating costs by reversing your ceiling fans to push warm air down during colder months. To do this, set your fan to spin clockwise at a low speed. Warm air near the ceiling will circulate throughout your home, reducing the need to use your thermostat.

Replace Air Filters

A dirty HVAC filter can cause your heating and cooling system to run inefficiently and drive up utility expenses. Prevent the buildup of dirt and dust and save money by inspecting air filters once a month and replacing them every three months, if not more frequently. Additionally, changing your HVAC filters will improve the air quality inside your home.

Inspect the Attic

Perform a close inspection of your attic for signs of water damage, infestation, or insulation problems that could cause serious damage to your home if left untreated. It's important to catch any potential problems early to prevent them from becoming a widespread problem.

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Nov. 27, 2019

Our Favorite Holiday Movies

One of our favorite things about the holidays is snuggling up with our families to watch festive movies. With so many choices - from childhood favorites to holiday classics - we all have that one movie that gets us in the spirit! ​​​

Carolyn: Every Hallmark movie ever made! Haha! It is a Christmas tradition to watch them all! ​​​

​Kellie: The Family Stone is my favorite! ​​​​

Jen: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation hands down...a MUST for every Christmas vacation!! ​​​

Sage: I love Home Alone! And now my 5-year old and 8-year old love it too!

Nov. 27, 2019

5 Easy Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

Coastal Estate Team's WELLNESS IN ONE!

Thanksgiving. For some people it means FEASTING! However, the real meaning of Thanksgiving is to gather in unity and express gratitude - to give thanks! Yes, of course we need to eat to nourish and replenish our bodies, so let's do that with a focus on thankfulness for time spent with friends and family, all while remembering to eat consciously and joyfully. Then, get back to normal eating and exercise the next day!

5 Easy Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving ​

Eat Sitting Up Straight, Not Standing Up: This will help you to increase fullness awareness, and will create better posture that will help you naturally breathe properly to help support your digestion. Most importantly, it will help you eat more consciously.

​Proper Plate Proportions: At least one-third of your plate should consist of vegetables and fruits, which have a higher water content. This will help control your hunger while getting adequate nutrients.

​Use a Smaller Plate: Cornell University researchers collected 56 research studies examining the effect of smaller plates on consumption. Combining all the studies, they concluded that a 30% reduction in plate size led to an average 30% reduction in food consumption.

Save Your Calories: Save your calories for your main Thanksgiving meal. Focus on complex (rather than simple) carbohydrates, eat moderate fat, and go for the lean protein sources. If you exercise on a regular basis, do your normal workout rather than trying to exercise "extra", which may lead you to feel even hungier.

​Don't Punish Yourself: If you are being too hard on yourself about your Thanksgiving food consumption, you will find yourself even more stressed. Instead, focus on the joy of eating with your family and friends, savor each bite slowly, and eat mindfully. Thanksgiving happens once per year so take the time to appreciate it.

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Oct. 29, 2019

Our Favorite Halloween Candy

No matter how healthy we're trying to be, we all have our favorite candy that we just can't resist! Here's a sneak peak into what candy you should keep a close eye on if any members of the Coastal Estate Team are around!

Carolyn: Butterfinger! Yum!

Bridget: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, without a doubt!

Taylor: Skittles!​​

Kellie: KitKat!

​Jen: Twix - Mmmmmmm!

Sage: I LOVE Sour Patch Watermelons!


What about you?  What is your favorite?

Oct. 29, 2019

Tricky Halloween Calorie Burners

Coastal Estate Team's WELLNESS IN ONE!

Halloween. It makes some of us giddy with excitement, while others dread the endless supply of candy everywhere they turn. This year, let's indulge without packing on the pounds. While it's easy to consume a few extra calories from all of the treats - whether it's from the office party or sneaking your favorite candy out of your kiddo's bag while they're not looking - we can use the holiday to our advantage to get in a bit of an extra workout without much effort at all!

Last Minute Candy Shopping: Shopping for 10 minutes = 23 calories Plus, you'll burn bonus calories if you have to dig through all the terrible, left over candy to find the good stuff!

Carve a Jack o' Lantern: Carving a pumpkin for 15 minutes = 39 calories Your front entryway will look extra festive with lots of flickering pumpkin faces... the more, the better! (and think of all the calories you'll burn!)

Prep Their Stomachs: Cooking for 30 minutes = 78 calories Don't let them roam the street with empty stomachs! Cook them something healthy before they stuff themselves with candy!

Do The Monster Mash: Dancing for 15 minutes = 87 calories At a Halloween Party? Hit the dance floor. Have little ones? Help them boogie out their excitement while they wait to go trick-or-treating.

Trick-or-Treating: Scrounging for Candy for One Hour = 205 calories Depending on the ages of the children you'll be trick-or-treating with, this could be a major workout. Burn bonus calories by carrying worn out toddlers or by running to keep up with those tweens that are trying to ditch you!

Cleanup: Car washing for 15 minutes = 66 calories Did you make the mistake of giving out those tiny boxes of raisins to trick-or-treaters? If so, there's a good chance that your car got egged and you'll have to clean it off!

Brush Away the Damage: Brushing your teeth for 5 minutes = 12 calories No matter how tired you are, tonight is definitely not the night to skip your nightly dental hygiene routine. ​

*Note, all calorie estimates were based on a 130-pound female, so you may have to adjust your candy intake / Monster Mashing to balance the calories in / out.

Oct. 29, 2019

Melbourne Earns Multiple Spots on "Best Places" Lists

U.S. News & World Report just released their Best Places lists, and Melbourne was found near the top of "Best Places to Live in Florida", "Best Places to Retire", and "Best Places to Live in the USA".

Best Places to Live in Florida - Melbourne Ranks Second!  Comparing the most populous metro areas in the Sunshine State, Melbourne earned the number two spot, topped only by Sarasota. According to U.S. News, Melbourne's high school students rank fourth out of the 125 most populous metro areas for college readiness, with only San Jose, California, Miami, and Reno, Nevada ranking higher. Melbourne is growing rapidly based on net migration, with a population growth of 8.74% between 2013 and 2017.

Best Places to Retire - Melbourne Ranks #19 out of 125 For this list, U.S. News analyzed data for the 125 largest metropolitan areas to assess how well they meet Americans' retirement needs and expectations. Top criteria included the happiness of local residents, housing affordability, tax rates and healthcare quality. Not only does Melbourne have picture-perfect weather, it has beautiful beaches, plenty of golf courses, great fishing, plus new art and cultural opportunities every week. Sounds like a dream retirement location to us!

Best Places to Live in the USA - Melbourne Ranks #25 out of 125 U.S. News analyzed the 125 most populous metro areas to find the best places to live, and Melbourne came in near the top at number 25! To make the top of the list, a place had to have good value, be a desirable place to live, have a strong job market and a high quality of life. With its mix of families, professionals, and retirees that come from all over the country, plus the area's focus on arts, science, and economic development, Melbourne is all around a great place to live! ​


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